As I previously explained, I tend to write short stories in English from time to time. Very short stories, to be precise – not more than 81 words long. But then again, that's the concept behind, and getting to the point in such a short range is quite a feat to accomplish.

Anyway, since I haven't had much time or inspiration in the last months, I almost forgot about the six stories I uploaded to in the first half of 2014. So, I was equally surprised and delighted when I got an e-mail from Adam Rubinstein, the founder of, asking for permission to publish some of my short stories in a collection.

And, here it is: "The Very Best 81 Words So Far" – published as ebook at (German Amazon customers click here)

41 stories, each exactly 81 words long, in one neat little volume. From 1st to 5th December the whole thing is for free. After and before that, the price is almost rediculously low, so there is absolutely no reason for not purchasing it. So, enjoy – most of the stories I read on are really very good, encapsuling almost every genre that exists.

My two stories that made it into the collection can be found here: